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The Burns Retort


Chronicling the Decline


This Is The Way We Wash Our Brains, Wash Our Brains, Wash Our Brains ...

Kyra Phillips' "Naked Gun" Moment

Inside George Allen's Right-Wing Freak Show





These are the People Who are Supposed to be Protecting Us

Gonzales Farts on First Amendment

Bush, NSA Wipe Asses on Bill of Rights (Again)

Jeff Gannon More Popular than Jesus

Flash: Majority of Young Americans Stupid as Hell, Don't Give a Shit

Brave GOP Senator Defies Rules to Defend Oil Companies

Sports: Keith Hernandez Still an Asshole

Republican Congresswoman Gives new Meaning to "Franking Privileges"

Why Does Fox News, 1/3 of Republicans Hate America?

Trouble Sleeping? Try Joenesta

Oops: White House Scrambles to Keep Fags Out of Easter Egg Roll

We're Screwed

Free at Last? Not So Fast...

In Election Year, GOP Sets Civil Tone Once Again

Here We Go Again

Spare the Taser, Spoil the Teen

Scalia Flips off Constitution (No Joke)

Tip of the Day: Piss in the Woods if You're High

Bush Listens to the People -- Well, At Least His Goons Do

Talk of Impeachment Grows -- in BRITISH Press

Jack Abramoff, Gift from God

Bush Finally Adds Hinduism to List of Religions Insulted

Alito Declares Loyalty to Bible Nazis in Writing

One Out of Three Still Like Him?

There's Indecency...

... And Then There's Indecency

"Man on Dog" Santorum Gets A House on the House

Backstabbing, Backsliding ex-GOP Traitor Sues White House

Oh, That Ann Coulter's Such a Prankster!

Cheney's Got a Gun ...

Welcome Home, Soldier

Wal Mart Sez: Don't Gotta Be No Mornin' After

Spin of the Union

Authorities Getting Wise to Disruptive Power of T-Shirts

Sound Familiar?


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